Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Monday was supposed to be the start of the first of three Winter English camps that the school district offers for elementary school students and I am scheduled to teach the first and third sessions.  Each session lasts for three days and begins at the YES (Yeongyang English Station) center here in town.  On the afternoon of the first day everyone is supposed to be loaded into school buses for the trek out to Suha where we would spend two nights and supposedly speak a lot of English.

Our team is composed of four English teachers and four Korean teachers and this is supposed to be a co-teaching experience. In typical Korean fashion, the Monday program started late and was just a tad chaotic.  In the pecking order of things, native English teachers rank at the bottom so consequently we were the last to know when anything was going to happen.  Anyway halfway through the morning it started to snow which gave the kids much delight but created a state of panic for the Korean teachers.  From the way everyone behaved you would think they had never seen snow before, the kind of frenzy that would occur in Georgia if there was even a hint of the white stuff.

It was decided that it was too dangerous to drive the school buses to Suha and that after lunch the children would be sent home and the camp would be finished the following week.  Consequently I have another week of desk warming in my apartment followed by back-to-back camps next week.  Sooooo...   I went walking around town and snapped a few shots of the winter wonderland!

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